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Is it possible to backdate entries in Moodnotes and MoodKit?

Yes! Simply start a new journal or mood rating entry and then tap on the date field to select an earlier time or date.

What if I forget my app passcode?

Good news and bad news: We take the security of your personal data very seriously. Passcode protection is available on both of our apps, and although no system can be said to be 100% secure from all threats or errors, you can take comfort in knowing that your entries are safe. Moodnotes allows for the creation of a memorable word as a backup to your passcode; whereas MoodKit is completely secured by the passcode you set. If you are unable to recall either your passcodes or the memorable word on Moodnotes, you will not be able to access your past entries. The only solution at that point is to delete and reinstall the app, which will result in the loss of your existing data. For this reason, it is always recommended that you export your data for archiving on a regular basis.

Is it possible to delete entries in Moodnotes and MoodKit?

Yes! Delete an entry by swiping it left while in list view.

What are the difference between Moodnotes and MoodKit?

  • Each app is a totally independent toolkit, so they do not integrate data.
  • Both apps allow users to enter and track mood an unlimited number of times per day, and have journaling, mood charting, and thought checking features.
  • MoodKit is more customizable and includes a behavioral activity tool, with over 200 original behavioral activation suggestions.
  • Moodnotes offers all of its tools in a streamlined journaling format, has a more playful/fun interface, and provides "insights" and suggestions for thinking traps.
  • Both apps allow user-entered data to be exported via email.
  • We find many users enjoy having both apps, to use in slightly different ways!

Are your apps available for Android?

We previously released an Android beta version for Moodnotes, but due to limited resources that project is indefinitely on hold. We apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment.

Will you be creating iPad versions?

Not at this time. Our primary focus has been and continues to be to create mobile health applications for the iPhone. We may do so in the future, but at this time we cannot provide any sort of estimate for when that might occur.

What happens to my app data if I restore my device or upgrade to a new iOS device?

For security reasons, all of your MoodKit and Moodnotes app data reside on your device [except for Moodnotes, which has the option of activating iCloud Sync in the device and app Settings tabs]. However, if you back up your entire device to iCloud Backup, your app data will be backed up as well. To retrieve it again, you must restore from iCloud Backup.

Before migrating to a new device, be sure you have completed both of the following steps before restoring your apps (and data) from iTunes or iCloud:
  1. Update your app to the latest version and then backup your entire device to iTunes or iCloud (in order to backup your app data).
  2. Export all of your journal entries and other data via email for safe archiving, as there is always the possibility of data files being corrupted during restore.
Back up and restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using iCloud or iTunes
iCloud: iCloud storage and backup overview

How soon can we expect the next app update?

This is a common question, but a difficult one to answer. Although we are committed to providing quality updates in the timeliest manner possible, we are not able to provide specific information regarding when the next update of a given app will be released. In some ways, a new update is always pending. This, of course, involves more than meets the eye, with at least the following phases: Finding and resolving bugs/crashes —> prioritizing backlogged ideas and user requests —> identifying optimal implementations —> programming —> beta testing —> problem solving —> more beta testing —> submission for App Store review —> Apple’s approval —> new update release.

Thriveport, LLC Privacy Statement

Your privacy is extremely important to us, as we recognize that it is critical for users of apps like MoodKit® and Moodnotes® to know that the information they input is secure.

Personal Information

We do not collect any personal information (i.e., user-entered data) from our app users. Like many app developers, we use third party companies (viz., Flurry & Google Analytics SDK) to collect statistical information about the functioning of our apps. This information consists of anonymous, aggregate usage and error statistics/analytics. You can read Flurry's Privacy Policy at and Google Analytics' at These analytics give us an overall picture of how our apps are being used (e.g., frequency, type of device, iOS version, crash reports, etc.). The information is totally anonymous and no personal details are included. This information helps to guide our ongoing development of the apps and contributes to the improvement of the user experience. We recognize that not all users wish to allow access to such information and, therefore, there is an opt-out option in our apps allowing you to choose whether to participate or not. You can find this opt-out in MoodKit® under Settings > "Share Statistics," and in Moodnotes® under Settings > "Analytics."

If you send us a query or feedback via email, your email address and/or any other information that you provide (e.g., your name) will be visible to us and our contracted programming/developer partners.

Use of Personal Information

If you contact us via email and a reply is necessary, we will use your email address and/or any other information that you provide (e.g., your name) to contact you directly. This is the only use we make of personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will never disclose your personal information to any third party outside of our company and development partners (i.e., independent contractors).

MoodKit® & Moodnotes® Disclaimer

The activities, tools, and information found in MoodKit and Moodnotes in no way substitute for care provided by a trained professional. Please seek help from a licensed mental health professional if you believe that you may be suffering from depression or another mental health disorder. If you are unsure whether MoodKit or Moodnotes is right for you, or about how to best implement its content, be sure to consult a licensed mental health professional about your concerns.